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As Finch managed to get Reese away with Carter's help following Snow's directed shooting of Reese, Snow begins openly to tail Carter believing she was the reason Reese managed to escape. As Carter follows a lead as to Finch's identity and whereabouts, Finch, believing now that he can trust Carter to a certain extent, provides her a small glimpse in answer to her comment, "I need to know what you do." Meanwhile, Finch manages to get Reese, who was shot in the chest, some underground but expert medical attention. As Reese recuperates, he and Finch trade places on their next case, where Reese is behind the computer and Finch does the legwork. That case is of Ernie Trask, the superintendent of the apartment building where Reese is convalescing. Because of Trask's seemingly all consuming work, they believe the incident with which he will be involved concerns one or some of the building's tenants. Since he recently bought an untraceable handgun, they assume he will be the perpetrator. They find evidence that he has a fixation on one tenant, a rising chef named Lily Thornton, who is dating the penthouse's tenant, restaurateur Rick Morris. When they discover that Lily seems truly terrified in her life since she knows she's being stalked, and when they discover Lily's true relationship to Rick and Trask, they then figure out what the machine saw. And Finch reminisces back to 2005 when Ingram, acting as his front, sold the machine and the idea of the machine to the government, and why Finch decided not to divulge how the machine works to them.

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