The Search ´2015

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Ian has survived the ambush and has returned to Lallybroch telling Claire that Jamie has been taken prisoner by the British. She and Jenny set out to find to find him and soon come across the British patrol. They quickly spot Taran MacQuarrie but there's no sign of Jamie. They intercept a British courier and learn that Jamie has in fact escaped. While Jenny returns home to care for her newborn, Claire is joined by Murtagh Fraser and they set off in search of Jaime. Murtagh's approach is to let their presence be known and once Jamie hears they are about, he will contact them. He presses Claire to sing in pubs - she uses a very modern melody - but contact is slow in coming. When she does finally get the long-awaited message, it turns out to be from Dougal MacKenzie and he has bad news - Jamie has been caught and is being held in Wentworth prison.

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