Vision Quest ´2015

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Malory schedules a mandatory 7 am staff meeting, so Pam, Cheryl, Cyril, Ray, Lana Krieger and last minute Archer pile into the office elevator. When the elevator breaks down, the guys manage to crack open the doors between floors; no one is there but Milton, the robot. There is no cell phone signal and the elevator telephone is dead. Cheryl "goes all Sylvia Browne": Archer wants a drink, Lana wants to lecture them, Pam wants more bear claws, Ray wants to smoke, Cyril wants to wank and Krieger worries the gang will figure out he is just a Krieger clone. They bicker, banter and try to escape the elevator; Lana and Ray try to escape figurative starvation. Will Milton make toast? Will Archer get "phrasing" back in the mix? Is it legally considered an emergency to be stuck in an elevator? It is a genuine Vision Quest when Malory finally opens the doors to the elevator and views the results.

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