The Archer Sanction ´2015

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While Cheryl, Pam, Cyril and Krieger frolic beyond the supply closet, agents Lana, Ray, Archer (and Peppermint Patty) go out for some "extrajudicial killing" for the CIA. The mission is in Switzerland, amidst a mountain climbing party on "The Peak of Death," Die Totenspitz. Archer left behind the only mission dossier and the name of the target. When they arrive at the ski lodge, Archer remembers the target was a WWII Axis power. Crash McCarran, the tall, handsome climbing guide ("sweater model," according to Archer) introduces himself as a fellow American and the rest of the party as Japanese, German and Italian, Malory will not answer her phone when Lana calls to check on AJ so Lana calls the crew, who go looking at Malory's apartment. Avalanche, ambulance and Axis powers, oh my... but will Archer ever get his WWII history straight?

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