The Wind Cries Mary ´2013

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Lucas Troy trained at ISIS with Lana, Ray and Archer; he is Archer's bro, wingman, and BFF. Lucas tops Malory's shit list because he was her star graduate but he tore up his ISIS contract to work for ODIN. Malory announces Lucas is dead, that he is a traitor and murderer who stole bearer bonds and uranium, but died in a plane crash. Archer is outraged; he assumes ODIN has a mole and Malory is jealous of his friends. Lana and Malory think Lucas was gay; Ray said Luke was a meathead frat-boy asshole jock, but definitely not gay. When Archer gets a phone call about a lemur and a tranquilizor gun, he leaves. Lana goes to the armory for ammo and meets Rodney, the new armory czar; she learns Archer just got 14 days worth of rations, snow gear but no tranq gun! The State of Vermont is his real destination as he has tracked one of Luke's old identities and he hopes Vermont has liquor stores. Lana and Cyril follow him. At "Twin Oaks" B&B, the bros reunite. Archer's focus is clearing Luke's name, but Luke has other ideas: There's Something About Archer. Archer's head figuratively literally spins when he gets a "gay" vibe...and succumbs to loaded wine. Is Lucas Troy really gay for Archer or is it just a singular same-sex attraction? Can Lana, aka Shirley Temper, prevent a fatal attraction?

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