Tragical History ´2011

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Archer cannot hear Lana over the sound of his deafening awesomeness; but, because Cyril cannot perform under pressure, he is rudely vanquished at darts. The Salad is not rendered unto Caesar and the gang is disgusted with Cyril. Despondent and dumped, Cyril makes new acquaintances. The next morning, the ISIS computer system has a worm...or a pirate, causing the mainframe to think Russia is launching missiles at the U.S. With the agent cover list about to disseminate and Krieger unable to fix the computer system, things look dire. Choices do have consequences and Cyril is forced to learn who his friends really are (sort of). Krieger is catapulted into bereavement and then, back into the dating game. The Emily Post of weapons knows the etiquette of asking for a katana. Will Cyril learn to shoot straight? Are the twins really warming up to Archer? Hello, Kitty! meets Hunch, hunch! What, what? for the gang at ISIS.

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