A Going Concern ´2011

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Archer has a bo-bo, received from Nikolai Jakov and his Hun assassins, but he gets no sympathy from Malory. Over breakfast cocktails, he learns Malory's frustrations cannot be alleviated with equipment in her lock factory: Malory bought into a hedge fund which was actually a Ponzi scheme. Cheryl is the big mouth who spreads the word all over ISIS: Malory is selling out to ODIN, in more ways than one. Len Trexler (that mudak!) has finally won his lady love, Malory. Archer is not happy about gaining a new boss...or father. But, Barry Dylan tells Lana the sale could provide her an opportunity for advancement, but only if Lana is willing to advance horizontally, as well. With Malory and Lana looking out for their own asses, Archer steps up to lead those remaining. (Phrasing! Boom!) Archer crowd-sources a plan to save ISIS. Can the ISIS gang (minus Lana) induce Len Trexler into falling out of love with Malory? Can anybody change what is in the heart of another person? When Krieger speaks of the deep-cycle marine battery and his own patented type of breath strips, Archer has a revelation about anatomy and a plan is born. Archer may have to get his bare hands dirty, but with a tiny microchip and Krieger's magic, it might just be possible for them to alter... oops, change Len's mind. What goes on in the mainframe may not actually go on in the mainframe, reverse cowgirl or otherwise. The gang commences the Modified Ludivico and Barry leaves the mainframe "undone." Will Rabbert Klein be the big winner? What is going to happen to ISIS... and Four Five Six Laundry? Everything's "iree" at ISIS!

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