Axpocalypse ´2015

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It all comes down to the season finale, where fame, fortune, and bragging rights are on the line. In Alaska, Papac is finishing up the toughest most dangerous section of their site, but with the crew running full throttle to finish on time, one misstep could come back to bite them. In Washington, Rygaard logging has fought tooth and nail to stay in the race, but will a faulty carriage derail their hopes of a 4th King of the Mountain Title? In Canada, Triack Resources is on the verge of winning it all, but today's risky maneuver could send them over the edge. In Wyoming, Zitterkopf and Sons only have one acre left to clear, but one wildcard move could cost them everything. Down in Florida, the Dreadknots resurrected Logzilla to double production, but will it be enough to beat the Chapman crew? And in the Swamps of Louisiana, Shelby Stanga drives a hard bargain with his log buyer, but will his gamble pay off?

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