Smoke 'n' Mirrors ´2014

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After returning from a visit to Moosejaw, Tim suddenly decides that his faithful, older ranch/cattle horse isn't enough for him anymore, and he buys a new beautiful, young cutting horse - Smoke 'N Mirrors. He convinces Amy to help train them in hopes of rejoining the rodeo lifestyle, but Amy soon realizes that the young horse might be too much horse for Tim to handle. Jack tries to figure out what happened during Tim's trip that spurred his mid-life crisis. Lisa's ex-husband, Dan, rocks-the-boat at Heartland when he stops by to pay Amy, informs Tim and Jack that he's expanding his business to include high-end rodeo and cattle/ranch horses, which further fuels Tim's obsession with reliving his younger days, then tries to sow doubt about Lisa and Jack's future together. Georgie hopes to audition for a trick riding team, and attempts to teach herself a potentially dangerous new trick, resulting in her instructor expelling her from her class.

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