The Fortification Implementation ´2015

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Wil Wheaton, Penny's co-star in "Serial Apeist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill", invites her to be on his podcast to discuss the movie. Wil eventually asks Leonard, who is there anyway, to join in the discussion as well. A comment from a specific caller leads to a change of topic of the podcast from the movie to Penny and Leonard's relationship at this point in time in their lives. Meanwhile, Howard's lawyer is able to track down his father to sign some documents so that the title of the house can be transferred to Howard, the lawyer's job all done without Howard needing to see, talk to or know anything about his father at all. But Howard gets some unexpected news resulting from that process. And Sheldon is upset that he was not included among a group of select scientists asked to attend a symposium at a former home of renowned physicist Richard Feynman. To cheer him up, Amy suggests doing something with him that he was also excluded from as a child: building a blanket fort in the living room. That experience leads to another possible first for Sheldon and Amy's relationship.

Movie info

  • IMDB rating: 7.6
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Duration: 22 min
  • Country: USA

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