The Anxiety Optimization ´2015

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Sheldon is having a mental block about his research into dark matter, and is wondering if he made a mistake changing his area of research. Based on a comment by Penny about how much she hates to exercise but does it anyway, Sheldon figures what he needs to be able to focus on the work is to be placed in a state of anxiety, and asks his friends to help him by agitating him. Beyond their willing assistance, Sheldon comes up with his own unusual ways to be annoyed. Meanwhile, Howard comes up with a new game to play with the gang which he calls "Emily or Cinnamon". Howard will say something he's heard Raj say, and they have to figure out if Raj said it to his pet dog Cinnamon or to his girlfriend Emily.

Movie info

  • IMDB rating: 7.4
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Duration: 22 min
  • Country: USA

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