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Cary is still feeling the wrath of the potential police state we all live in, which translates to "if the government wants to get you, they will", a variation of Cary's own words. Oh yes, it can happen to you. Some of Chicago's finest lawyers, Alicia and Diane, are working hard to keep him out of government hands, personified here by the long encroaching reach of the increasingly nasty D.A., Castro. In between numerous hearings and the occasional troubling assignation with investigator Kalinda, Cary and Alicia, represent a strangely wholesome GMO seed producer (John Boy) against a farmer whose fields are either being replanted or overrun by the modified strain, depending on your viewpoint. Subsequently they are forced to accept the decision of a religious arbitrator, where the case and arguments abound with righteous consideration and questions possibly far beyond the scope of the other elements of this episode. Amidst all this, constantly buffeted by events nudging her to a political calling, the insistently unwilling Alicia comes face to face with one of her own gods, or Ms. God in this case, and thus a decidedly non-GMO political seed is planted and then unwittingly nourished by her future opponent in a remarkably potent showdown.

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