A Weird Year ´2014

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After a video conference with the couple suing Alicia and Lockhart Gardner for $6 million over an adoption that wasn't completed as promised, David Lee and Louis Canning forget to turn off their video camera. Alicia, Cary and several others hear Lee and Canning discussing not only their strategy to displace Diane as their managing partner but their strategy to destroy Florrick Agos. In defending themselves, Alicia and Cary may have reached a crossroads in both their relationship and their partnership. Diane meanwhile tries to convince the remaining swing vote, Howard Lyman, to vote in her favor at the partners meeting. Peter is going to withdraw his support for Finn Polmar's candidacy for State's Attorney and aims to convince his new choice to take the job. Meanwhile, Alicia is trying to organize a farewell party for Zach who will be leaving for a summer job before he starts college. Grandmothers are getting in the way.

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