Rape: A Modern Perspective ´2013

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Will and Alicia represent Rainey Selwin who is suing her rapist in civil court after the authorities failed to prosecute her attacker. She is particularly upset that he's just going on with his life, which includes going to college in the fall. The judge has issued a strict gag order on the court proceedings but when he learns Rainey tweeted about the case, he puts her in jail. Alicia is soon receiving anonymous information via the Internet and believes that a former client, Dylan Stack - and his friends in Anonymous - is responsible. Meanwhile, Diane's vetting for a possible State Supreme Court begins but a meeting with the Chief Justice presents her with a surprising roadblock. At the office, Alicia learns that Cary and the other fourth year associates are planning to leave and set up their own firm. He asks Alicia to join them.

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