Death of a Client ´2013

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Everyone is at Chicago's Shamrock Dinner hoping to get Cardinal James' endorsement for Governor. Alicia is informed by the police that one of her clients, Matthew Ashbough, was just murdered. She was representing him in 18 lawsuits he had initiated and as such had a long list of people who might like to see him dead. The man had his own peculiarities but she quite liked him. The police want details of the cases but Alicia is bound by attorney-client privilege. It all takes on a different tone when the police tell her they've found the killer's car with Alicia's home address programmed in the GPS. Meanwhile, Diane Lockhart is bowled over when Peter Florrick offers her a vacant seat on State Supreme Court. He can't name her until he's elected but she has to have an answer for him within a few hours. At home, Grace learns something interesting from her grandmother.

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