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Peter Florrick's hearing requesting a new trial finally opens and Alicia is having to deal with the possibility that he will soon be returning home. She tells him what she expects of him. When Peter's nemesis, State's Attorney Glenn Childs, subpoenas investigator Kalinda Sharma, she has to decide what she is going to say on the stand. With all of this going on, Alicia also has to deal with a high profile murder when one one the firms corporate clients, Sonja Rucker, shows up at the office claiming that she found their babysitter beaten to death in their bathroom. The immediate suspicion is that her unemployed husband, Eugene Rucker, might be implicated and it very quickly becomes clear that the police are working flat-out to get evidence against him and not really looking at other suspects. It doesn't help that Eugene is being less than honest with his own lawyers and that the police have already caught him in one lie.

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