Election Day ´2015

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Voting day has arrived and fortunately Detective Murdoch took the precaution of voting at an advance poll as Constable Crabtree and Inspector Brackenreid find a dead man lying on the street. The man has a fake mustache and has a card on him in the name of Plantagenet McCarthy. He was the first to vote when the polls opened along with his friend, Alexander Cuddy. Murdoch easily finds the dead man's apartment but is knocked out by a noxious gas. He awakens to find himself face to face with Ottawa spy Terrence Meyers who tells him McCarthy was one of his agents and that they are tracking a German spy keen on learning more about Canada's armament industry. Of course, Meyers isn't entirely truthful and Murdoch is convinced the killer came from inside the polling station. Meanwhile, the suffragettes learn that their candidate has been left off the ballot forcing them to take action. Crabtree is elated to learn that he is to become the new detective at Station House No. 3. He proposes to Edna but their happiness is short lived.

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