Lovers in a Murderous Time ´2013

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Detective Murdoch investigates the murder of Tobias Pincher who is found run through with a pitchfork in the stables of the Imperial Hotel. The police have yet to finish examining the scene of the crime when they are approached by a woman, Felicity Dawes, claiming to know there's a dead man inside. She also claims to Pincher's fiancée. When Julia has a chance to talk to her she recounts seeing the murder - and then realizes she is the murderer. Julia doubts she is the killer and believes is delusional. Murdoch links shoe prints in the stables with a Spanish visitor, Carl Rodriguez, who readily admits having had an altercation with Pincher the night before but denies killing him. When Dawes also confesses to Murdoch, Rodriguez does the same. The solution is to follow the money.

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