Murdoch in Wonderland ´2011

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With the wedding of Dr. Ogden and Dr. Darcy Garland just days away, Detective Murdoch awakens from a drugged stupor at a crime scene to find that he is the prime suspect in the murder of Randolph Littlefair, the guest of honor at the previous night's Alice in Wonderland costume party. Inspector Brackenreid believes Murdoch was framed, but when Station House 3's Inspector Giles (Nigel Bennett) is handed the case, Giles orders Murdoch jailed until the truth is known. Giles interrogates Murdoch about the party, but nothing in Murdoch's hazy memory can exonerate him. The case against him grows even stronger when it's learned he arrested Littlefair years earlier. The fact that Littlefair wasn't convicted suggests Murdoch took the law into his own hands. To discover the truth, Murdoch escapes from jail to look for the one guest at the party who knew Littlefair back then as well. Meanwhile, Ruby Ogden discovers that Murdoch had intended to propose to her sister, Julia - throwing Julia into emotional turmoil hours before her wedding. When Julia sends an impassioned note to Murdoch, he faces an agonizing choice: see justice done in Littlefair's murder or rush to the church to stop the wedding. The choice he makes stuns Brackenreid and could well mean the end of Murdoch's career.

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