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After chasing a suspect, Detective Murdoch has a serious fall and finds himself bedridden with several broken bones and a nasty gash on his arm. He's cared for by a concerned Dr. Julia Ogden who has him on his way to recovery but leaves when an equally concerned Enid Jones arrives. After Murdoch's landlady goes away suddenly to care for her sick sister, the bedridden Murdoch begins hearing strange noises in the house but can't quite locate them or who might be making the noise. When he becomes feverish and his condition deteriorates, Enid seeks out Julia's help. In the end, the night vision goggles he's been building prove to be quite useful. While Murdoch is recuperating, Constable Crabtree takes over as acting detective and continues to investigate the murder. He manages to locate the murder site easily but finds that the only witness may be a talking parrot.

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