Dinosaur Fever ´2009

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Detective Murdoch and Dr. Ogden attend the Dinosaur Ball and put their recently acquired dancing skills to good use. At the appropriate time their host, Barkely Blake, is set to reveal his latest find from the fields of Alberta. A religious fanatic interrupts the proceedings but when the dinosaur is shown, the gigantic skeleton has a body in its jaws. The dead man turns out to be Lukas DeWitt, a member of Blake's last expedition. Dr. Ogden believe that DeWitt was shot but using a new photographic device that takes special pictures with x-rays, they are unable to locate a bullet. As Murdoch investigates, there is no shortage of suspects, including one of Blake's rivals, Professor Rudolph Sutton. When they find bits of concrete in DeWitt's wounds, the x-ray machine reveals something else about the artifacts Blake found.

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