Enemy on the Hill ´2011

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In Washington, DC, near the Capitol a van accidentally hits and critically injures a pedestrian, who proves to be The Cooler, a wanted contract assassin, whose next target appears to be a Navy lieutenant commander; Gibbs and company investigate the target, LCdr. Geoffrey Brett, and his circumstances, including the threat. The Cooler briefly regains consciousness in a hospital, then dies before an NCIS agent reaches him. Ziva acts as Brett's protective escort, but he ditches her. Tony and McGoo meet a hot chick CPA, then she dies. The three musketeers gather pieces of evidence and, with Gibbs, put them together; Brett says that he needs a lawyer. Meanwhile Abby volunteers to become an organ donor, learns more about herself, visits a pet-rescue center, meets someone whom she admires, examines her own feelings, and has a serious chat with Gibbs.

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