Better Angels ´2013

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A Marine sergeant, Dawson, dies of gunfire during an alleged armed robbery of a men's clothing store in Washington, DC; Gibbs and company investigate; while at the scene Gibbs receives a call from a local cop nearby in Howard County, Maryland, near Baltimore, saying that his father, Jackson, has become involved in an "incident"; Jackson wants Leroy to go with him to see a fellow WW2 pilot in North Carolina, so they go. The rest of the team step up to the plate; Gibbs tells McGee to take the point; Tony and McGee compete and compromise; while Tony talks with Dawson's mother, she says something unusual, then he turns up a pattern; he and McGee pursue it. Abby learns more about Dawson; McGee identifies a person of interest, who gives a touching account; then Tony and McGee check out a second suspect, find incriminating evidence, and bust the killer. Abby traces Jackson's friend, then Leroy and Jackson go to him, and Jack introduces the other two to each other.

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