Shooter ´2014

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In Afghanistan a Marine Corps photojournalist, SSgt. "Shooter" Roe, while accompanying a joint Army-Marine task force, took a photograph of an Army first lieutenant in a compromised position; an unknown person leaked the image to the press; the lieutenant now faces a court-martial for the execution-style killing (allegedly for revenge) of the Afghan villager in the picture; the photographer, due to testify as the key witness for the prosecution, disappears; Gibbs and company lend a hand. Roe's current assignment concerns homeless military veterans in the DC area. Tony and Ellie find evidence inside Roe's pad; later they and McGee find his body elsewhere amid unpleasant circumstances; Duckman and Abby present important clues and an implication to Vance and Gibbs. McGoo goes undercover. The gang find a lucrative moonlight enterprise, they solve two murders, and the Army court-martial resumes.

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