Shell Shock: Part I ´2012

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Two Marine officers (a captain and a first lieutenant, close friends since childhood) have returned from Afghanistan after an ambush on their outfit; one night during a fistfight in an alley in Washington, DC, Michael, the lieutenant, dies; Gibbs and company investigate; they find and talk with Joe, the captain, who appears to have become shell-shocked. The gang learn that Joe received an honorable medical discharge eight months ago. Abby reconstructs the fight, and she finds an inconsistency; Gibbs talks again with Joe, who becomes confused and agitated. McGee and Abby identify the puncher, Kersey, who gives Gibbs a different account of the fight; Gibbs and Tony again find Joe, who says that he needs help; Gibbs helps him to get help. Then McGee shows a familiar face among a group of native rebels about the time of the ambush. Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva visit the suspect's home, where they find evidence; Gibbs tells the others to find him. [To be continued.]

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