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Ilan steps out of the SUV and to Tony's Cad, reaches inside, grabs the bag containing the diamonds, and catches a ride in another car; Ziva, wounded, opens fire but hits just the rear window; Vance and Gibbs meet Tony and Ziva at a hospital; the dynamic duo, having sustained only minor injuries, sneak out of the emergency room. McGee traces the SUV to an address, where the gang find the getaway car, meet resistance, shoot up the house, and find the body of the wheelman, who has no fingerprints but provides a clue. Duckman and Abby find it hard to identify the body, but Abby finds a link between two rogue Mossad agents; Duck later finds an unusual lead, and Abby traces it. Ilna contacts Ziva and claims that someone else killed Eli's Iranian friend; she assures him that she will find him. With help Tony deciphers the clue on the body; Ziva interprets it and follows up; she finds her prey and draws the case to an end; she says that it's over.

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