Chasing Ghosts ´2013

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A Navy lieutenant, Callie, returns home from three days in San Diego on official business; her husband, Noah, is missing, and their house is in disarray; Gibbs and company investigate; McGoo finds an amputated finger inside a trash can. McGee and Abby make separate discoveries; Noah calls, McGee traces, and the gang find a bloody empty car; McGee traces the plates to a man in Roanoke, who recently lent the car to his younger brother, who has a criminal record. Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva find a staged "suicide", Duckman says that the "suicide" was not a suicide, and Abby shows that the tossed house was likewise staged. Tony and Ziva catch a bad girl, then Tony and Gibbs catch both a bus and a bad guy. Palmer asks Ducky to teach him more about forensic psychology. With the encouragement of Gibbs, Tony meets with the other two musketeers; Ziva speaks with Gibbs, who has known what's up; Gibbs tells her to go to Rome and to take Tony with her.

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