Recovery ´2012

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Again Abby calls Gibbs at 03:00 because of a nightmare; Navy Seabees continue to work on the repairs to the headquarters building; a shrink (a crisis counselor) arrives with orders to make mandatory psychologic evaluations on all hands after the explosion. Divers find, in her submerged car, the body of Midge Watkins, a worker in the NCIS armory, who disappeared on the day of the evacuation, four months ago; Palmer finds a gunshot wound in her abdomen; Abby finds a bullet in the car, then she discovers something unusual about it. Tony and Ziva find a suspect, and they get off to an awkward start with him; Tony finds another suspect, and she makes a suggestion about his arresting her. Gibbs and the gang put the pieces together, and they get a confession. Abby completes a long-sought connection, then she peacefully falls asleep.

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