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In Kabul, Afghanistan, a Marine sergeant, a dog handler, dies of a single round to his head, said to be from a Taliban sniper; however, his widow tells Gibbs about her doubt because of a mysterious message from her husband before he died; Gibbs and company investigate; Abby finds an object and an unpleasant implication. A lead causes Tony and McGee to meet Pitt, the dog trainer (and his dogs) from the Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland, then they continue in the chat room. The widow delivers a piece of mail to Gibbs, and Abby analyzes it; Dex, the K-9 Marine, scares away a burglar; Gibbs, McGee, and Dex fly to Afghanistan, investigate, and solve the case, and they find the person who took the shot in question; they also figure out the circumstances leading to the shooting. Gibbs delivers a welcome surprise to the widow. Meanwhile Vance seeks a nanny for his kids.

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