Prime Suspect ´2013

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After a hiatus of three years, two more young women die by homicide according to the same MO as in the previous series; Gibbs's barber confides in him that he wonders whether the killer might be the barber's son; Gibbs quietly asks around. Meanwhile the gang investigate the disappearance of $120K of Navy money from the Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia; they suspect a Marine lance corporal and an accomplice and girlfriend; Tony and Dorneget go to Freeport on the island of Grand Bahama to intercept them. Another young woman dies; interagency jurisdictional squabbles arise; Vance handles them, and the NCIS looks at the old evidence. Tony and Dorny meet and greet their new friends; they return with their man and most of the cash. Abby identifies the first killer, who has died; Dorny lends a hand, then Gibbs and a Metro detective obtain and execute a search warrant and soon bust the surprising copycat killer. Gibbs helps the barber and his son to reconcile.

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