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Gibbs and the three musketeers capture the number-2 cyberterrorist in the world, who, in the previous month, hacked into the MTAC and thereby caused the death of an agent; Tony predicts that he will soon sing; however, he does not; instead he smugly taunts Gibbs, who allows him to think that he and the gang are dumb and old-school. McGoo and Abby work closely together; Duckman, with his psychologic insight, suggests an unconventional technique to Gibbs; Tony and Ziva find a body; Tony says to call the hazmat team; Ducky finds that the victim has indeed contracted the Ebola virus; Tony and Ziva escort the suspect on a special flight, which includes sleep time. Tony suddenly finds himself in a pickle, Ziva joins him, and Gibbs and McGee get into a pickle of their own. Tony and Ziva get some critical data from the prisoner, then McGee confirms it and traces the mastermind. Gibbs and the gang come out ahead.

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