You Better Watch Out ´2012

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A woman Navy lieutenant commander returns from an overseas tour to her home in base housing at NAS Pax River, Maryland, and finds the decomposing body of her husband with a broken neck; Gibbs and company investigate; Ducky says that the vic did not die at home, and Palmer says that he had cirrhosis. The victim's wallet contains a $100 bill of a new type not yet released to the public, so the Secret Service enters the picture, as does a hot-chick agent, against whom Gibbs wins the first round. McGee and Abby find a print of an inside man at the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). Tony's father visits him for Christmas, but Tony shows much displeasure. Tony and McGee find a cache of $100 bills inside the home; at Rock Creek Park hikers find the decomposing body of the inside man; Abby figures out how the bills left the BEP. The team put the pieces together, Gibbs suggests a gift to the Secret Service agent, then the gang plus Sr. gather to watch a flick.

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