Extreme Prejudice ´2012

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The Duck had a heart attack after hearing the news of the explosion at the headquarters of the NCIS; Palmer goes to him in Florida, then he returns alone to Washington. The building took heavy damage; several people died, and more, including McGee, sustained injuries; everyone on the Gibbs team survived. The PotUS orders all federal law-enforcement agencies to pursue Dearing with "extreme prejudice"; Fornell too takes part. Dearing meets a new friend, but that does not go as planned. Ziva points out a flaw. Another car explodes, but Dearing again eludes. The gang and others follow Dearing to a farmhouse in West Virginia, but they miss him by 20 minutes. Gibbs, on his own initiative but with Vance's consent, seeks Vance alone in a predictable place, and he finds him there, as Dearing has hoped and expected; Dearing welcomes Gibbs cordially, but he makes the bad mistake of pulling a pistol on Gibbs.

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