Spoils of War ´2014

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Hetty, believing that Kensi, in Afghanistan, may have become a prisoner of Taliban insurgents, orders G, Sam, and Deeks to travel immediately to Afghanistan to rescue her; they go, taking $1M in cash. Upon arrival at Camp Chapman the three musketeers meet a curious welcome, then they head into the boondocks, where they meet Granger; Sam leaves Deeks at a house in a village, then the others proceed; Eric and Nell watch a video clip from Kensi via e-mail by sat phone; Kensi mentions Jack Simon. Eric and Nell learn some of Jack's background, then Hetty fills in, and she explains Kensi's presence in Afghanistan. Granger and the others enter a rat's nest and make discoveries; back on the outside they find Sabatino; the gang find the bad guys, and G offers a deal, which turns sour; Deeks spends much time with a cleric, who refuses to talk, but Deeks brokers another deal, which a chopper delivers; an exchange takes place, then the gang from Los Angeles prepare to go back home.

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