Merry Evasion ´2013

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A masked intruder tries to overpower Lily in her home; she eludes him, and he escapes; Lily is the daughter of a US senator, who has led an investigation of certain military activities of the People's Republic of China; Lily is not on good terms with her father; the SecDef asks the NCIS to seek a connection between the attack and the congressional investigation. Deeks and Nell meet the senator, and G and Sam meet Lily; while they escort her to the shed, masked gunmen block them and open fire; after a confrontation the three escape and proceed on foot but meet more thugs; G and Sam send their phones to San Pedro; they replenish, and Lily advises; G, Sam, Deeks, and Nell grab a stranger; the foursome attend a meeting, see more thugs, and come out on top; Nell records a conversation; having sorted out all the pieces, the gang reunite the senator and his daughter, then they gather for eggnog. Kensi learns more about her assignment; Hetty makes gifts to Kensi and to Deeks.

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