Iron Curtain Rising ´2013

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A Romanian man, Zevlos, suspected of war crimes, formerly a high-ranking official of the Communist regime before it fell, in 1989, also believed to have masterminded Romania's human-trafficking ring, has lived in the Los Angeles area for the past 20 years under a new identity (Vasile); the current government of Romania has asked the US Department of State to seize and extradite him; he evades the FBI; the Callen team receives a request to help finish the job. G and Sam visit the Vasile home, meet the wife and the lawyer, and discover a secret stash of files and weapons; G and Sam see Zevlos, but he gets away again; Hetty reports that the SecNav has ordered the NCIS to disengage; G, Sam, and Deeks ride an aircraft with a CIA guy, who reveals some history; the threesome find and seize Zevlos and Carla; Hetty confronts G and Sam about their disobedience. Kensi arrives in Afghanistan, meets Granger, and gets her new assignment; she and Deeks miss each other.

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