Descent ´2013

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A nuclear bomb explodes in an uninhabited part of the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico; attention turns to Zhrov, who manages Sidorov's illegal-arms dealership; Callen and company investigate; Hetty calls in Michelle, Sam's wife, from the CIA; the couple go back underground; G and Kensi go to Iran; Deeks watches over in Los Angeles. G and Kensi free Janvier from captivity in Iran so that he can do a job for the NCIS; the team realize how Sidorov moved the bomb into Mexico; they also localize Sidorov and two of his cronies; Sam and Michelle grab Sidorov and take him to the boatshed; the members of the team set up a sale of the two remaining nuclear devices; Janvier goes to the Mojave Desert to negotiate; Sidorov and others meet him there; they make a deal; G says that something is not right; Deeks communicates with Kensi; Sam falls into trouble, then Deeks helps, but Sam incurs torture, as does Deeks. [To be continued next season.]

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