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On the oceanfront at Venice, California, in the Los Angeles area, an unknown gunman kills a TV journalist, Adriana Gomez, who has received death threats from Libyan nationalists (after she created a series of stories about an anti-Qaddafi rebel and folk hero); Gomez contacted a commander, Gavin Madison, in Naval intelligence, who's an expert on Libya; Callen and company investigate. G and Sam visit Cdr. Madison at home, find two bad guys, exchange fire, and drop one and lose one; Kensi and Deeks visit a Libyan restaurant and get a lead; G and Sam check out a defunct auto-glass shop, where they find a large clue; Kensi and Deeks, along with G and Sam, rediscover the loose Libyan; G and Sam find also a body in a trunk; Sam goes shopping for a lamb, and G, Kensi, and Deeks pitch in; they meet people and deal with them. The team figure out the puzzle and create a solution, which includes Sam's making announcements. Hetty tells G more about his ancestors.

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