Sans Voir, Part II ´2012

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The Chameleon has not uttered even one word, so Granger turns him over to G; the Chameleon eventually says that he'll walk out six hours later; he also tells about his connection to Renko and the Mayfield family; he further gives a link to a video clip, in which Lauren under duress relays his demand for an exchange of himself for an abducted NSA analyst, Atley, with special knowledge about the Iranian nuclear program and the name of a contact inside Iran; Eric and Nell produce, and Sam, Kensi, and Deeks pursue and catch two men in an SUV; the car has non-diplomatic plates registered to the consulate of Israel; Nell gets a hit, and the team go to a target site, where they find dead bodies; G engages Granger in a shouting match; Granger releases the Chameleon on orders from Washington; G, Sam, Kensi, and Deeks escort him to the exchange site; the good guys get back Atley, but G takes drastic action; Hetty submits her resignation again. [To be continued next season.]

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