Exit Strategy ´2012

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Both Alex and Jada, from Sudan in a previous episode, have reappeared in Los Angeles; while two NCIS agents (on a protective detail) escort Jada to an office in preparation for her giving a deposition, a masked man in an SUV attacks the trio in their car and escapes without injuring anyone. Kensi and Deeks get a name from Jada, then check a warehouse and catch a bad guy; Alex and his family disappear; Sam offers to play water games; Nell finds Alex, then the foursome chat with him; his behavior perplexes everyone; Kensi and Deeks visit an international business firm, from which they acquire important data; Alex finds the gang, surprises them, and chats them up, then they all pitch in and change their plans. Alex calls the main middleman and proposes a deal, which blows up; Alex gets his family back, and the gang keep Jada but lose the middleman, although another agency catches him later.

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