The Watchers ´2012

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During a late-night operation the team respond to an agent-needs-help message from Hetty's cellphone; Nell says that the call came from the boatshed, and that someone has disabled their eyes there; inside the shed G finds a stranger and decks him, and the others cover the scene with drawn arms, then they meet Owen Granger, the new assistant director, who introduces the next case. Brent Bolton has died from a gunshot wound, said to be self-inflicted, by a piece registered to his wife, Mia; they both have worked as employees of a think tank under contract to the US Department of Defense; they both also have been the subjects of open cases at the NCIS. The team learn about several people who are different people; Mia helps; they check out the cutting of hair and the shredding or nonshredding of documents and objects; then they find out how Brent died, but they lose one of the bad guys. Granger says that he did not join them to make friends; he speaks truth.

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