Absolution ´2010

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In Hollywood two men ambush a limousine and shoot the occupants to death; Hetty says that the target, Renner, was a Swiss antiques dealer and black marketeer; she persuades the LAPD to allow her to take over the investigation because of the nature of a little black book, which she believes is the object of the activity. While Hetty visits a man in an assisted-living place, G and Sam visit Renner's pad, which someone has tossed; Eric identifies a man, Lee, who appears in a number of photographs around Renner's house; G and Callen visit Lee's office and break up a meeting; Eric says that Lee's two visitors are German "agricultural attachés" (that is, spies); G and Sam question a retired operative, and Kensi and Deeks also search Renner's pad, where they meet two foreigners with alternate identities; Hetty visits the Hollywood Bowl, and the four musketeers rescue her. Hetty again calls on her elderly friend, whom she finds dead, executed by gunfire. [To be continued.]

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