Bounty ´2010

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A sergeant first-class, Booth, retires from the Army and from the Delta Force to seek a lucrative career as a private-sector bounty hunter in the Middle East; in the evening of the same day two thugs snatch him from a parking garage; Callen and company investigate; G and Sam attend a barbecue in a backyard, where they hear displeasure about Booth's retirement plus a tip about Brandon, Booth's son; they visit Brandon's pad, learn about Booth's itinerary, and chat with Brandon nearby, but fireworks break out, and Brandon bolts. Meanwhile Kensi and Deeks find the tortured body of Booth; they meet a new acquaintance, who has diplomatic immunity. G requests a meeting, and Sam offers a deal, but they return to the start with nothing. The team receive, read, and interpret a birthday card intended for them; G and Callen make a side trip to the boondocks of Afghanistan, where, with military help, they bag the bad guy; they return with tea for Hetty.

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