Tin Soldiers ´2011

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A prowler enters G's pad by night, so G subdues him; Sam, undercover as a Chippie on a bike, stops G, who shows him the passenger in the trunk; unable to ID the ghost, G contacts Arkady, who connects the dots and offers one more. According to a tip, Singh, an Indian businessman, philanthropist, and playboy, will soon import counterfeit computer chips into the USA; Kensi and her buds run a scam on him, and Deeks runs into an old acquaintance and takes a fall; Kensi's alter ego accepts an invitation for lunch with Singh; Sam calls G with news, while G has just discovered the body of a connection who has painted toy soldiers; Kensi leaves but makes another date; Eric and Nell produce; the team assemble the pieces and make a plan; Hetty, displeased, objects but concedes; Sam, Kensi, and Deeks grab several bad guys and get a surprise; G meets Arkady, and they find themselves in a firestorm, but the rest of the gang show up and lend a hand, so everything works out.

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