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Inside a fictional federal prison several Muslim inmates initiate Moe by beating him; Sam, listed as Moe's next of kin, receives a call from a hospital near the pen; Sam goes to Moe, who, by his choice, returns to the same prison under the terms of a pre-existing deal with the NCIS (previously unknown to Sam). Meanwhile, when G visits his sister's grave, he finds an object identical to one he received while he was a child; G, recalling two memories, thinks that someone, whom he once almost met, wishes to meet him. Sam goes undercover inside the pen; Kensi and Deeks check out pole dancing and suddenly see a deadline; snooping further, the dynamic duo find both a device and a plan. Hetty says that there's something more; Sam stirs the pot on the inside, and Nate plays a head game and then more; Sam, Moe, and another man escape, but Sam experiences a personal loss. The next step in a larger plan takes place, and Hetty asks G to call her. [To be continued.]

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