Hunted ´2010

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Two days after the burial of Dom, Director Vance tries in person to dissuade Hetty from resigning. At the Van Nuys Airport (west of Burbank and northwest of downtown Los Angeles), while two boys (aircraft fans) watch and record the flight operations, a bizjet arrives, three men emerge and meet another man (with a Suburban with black glass and a government plate), then an armed gang of thugs intervene, kill one Army MP in mufti and wound two other men, free a prisoner (Keshwar, the leader of the TaJ, who was supposed to be exchanged for Dom), and vanishes. Vance says, "There was a breakdown in the system somewhere". Callen and company join the Army CID in seeking Keshwar; G and Sam, teed off at the world, start tracing blood; Eric finds a needle in a haystack; Sam talks with him; in a cave Kensi finds cash and an explanation; Eric finds the van, which then explodes. G, Sam, and Kensi board a ship, lose Keshwar, and regain him, and G figures out the rest of the story.

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