Full Throttle ´2010

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During an informal and unlawful race on a large parking lot in predawn darkness, a Navy yeoman, Rush, dies in an explosion and crash of his car; Callen and company investigate; it appears that Rush worked on something highly classified. Eric and Kensi discuss souped-up engines, Eric shows the team some images, and Sam suggests the possibility of homicide; while G goes to school (and meets an interesting fellow student), Sam and Kensi check out the Rush family and the family business; Sam finds a thread, and Eric pursues it; Kensi reveals herself as a gearhead; she and Sam take another look at the family garage, and they detain and question an unauthorized visitor, who offers not only answers but also a question in return. Eric gives a tip, and Sam and Kensi take a spin and meet another driver, who provides insights; G, Sam, and Kensi attend another event, and G and Sam take part in a race; Kensi plays a hunch and wins; she gets a confession and an explanation.

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