To Bear Witness ´2013

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Mateo Cruz has just been introduced as the new section chief. A surprised J.J., who knows him, and Cruz seem not to want to divulge that they have a history. They don't even seem to want to let the team know that they know each other, which may be difficult to hide amongst a group of profilers. Cruz wants to accompany the team into the field on their next case, which takes them to Baltimore, Maryland, where a young John Doe was found stumbling around a warehouse district. Alive, he has ligature marks on his wrists, and drill marks in the corner of his eyes which they determine was a just performed lobotomy. He ends up paralyzed without the ability to speak, but his mental faculties seem to be in tact. Through what slow communication Morgan is able to do with him, Morgan learns that the unsub is white male that the victim did now know, and that there was a female victim as well, who is probably still captive. The team believes the unsub held him captive in one of the nearby warehouses, and that he let him go purposefully. This M.O. does not seem to match with the fact of choosing as the victim who the team believes travels in a circle where he would not be soon missed. When a further medical examination is done on the victim, they learn the purpose for letting him go: a microscopic camera was inserted in his eye, meaning that the unsub has been watching everything going on. Through this technology, the team is able to communicate to the unsub, who takes more direct measures in showing the team what he is up to. The key to finding who the unsub is still rests with identifying the victim, and tying him to a similar case that occurred recently in Berlin, Germany.

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