Bully ´2013

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While concluding a case with the team in Los Angeles, a case where she receives a minor bullet wound to the arm, Blake receives a telephone call from her father, retired Kansas City police detective Damon Miller, about the murder of a middle aged man which he believes is the latest in series of murders conducted by the same unsub. He believes this murder is tied to the murder of a pair of teens one year ago. Beyond the overkill beatings inflicted in both sets of murders, there are no ties between the two on the surface. Blake's father is able to convince KCPD to invite the BAU, which does not sit well with Blake's brother, KCPD homicide detective Scott Miller, especially as there is animosity between the siblings. Although Blake wants them to take the case, she implies that she is not looking forward to returning to Kansas City itself, where she has not been in five years, and where family demons about which she has never mentioned to the team reside. As the team works through the case, which they do determine is serial in nature and is tied to an incident at a high school years earlier, Blake will have to face those family demons, which includes dealing with her relationship with Scott, and facing the memory of the tragic deaths of both her mother and older brother, also a former police detective.

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