From Childhood's Hour ´2011

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It isn't until 48 hours after the disappearance of nine year old St. Louis, Missouri based Bobby Smith that the BAU is called to investigate. The delay was because Bobby's chronically depressed mother, Marlene Smith, believed he was at his grandmother's house where she dropped him off. Despite her not being a candidate for mother of the year, the team doesn't believe that Marlene is a suspect as there is every indication that she lives beyond her means to please Bobby whenever she's not in one of her suicidal states. Since there are no signs of a struggle, the team believes that Bobby knew or at least trusted the abductor unsub, meaning that the unsub could have been someone in authority like a first responder. When another St. Louis based child, four year old Timmy Tanner, is abducted, the team has its first victim profile: troubled mothers, as Timmy's mother Kelsey Tanner eventually admits to being a drug addict. Timmy's disappearance also brings about the first real break into the identity of the unsub, or at least his profession. And an incident with Marlene brings about the unsub's true objective. Meanwhile, Rossi is having troubles focusing on this case as he contemplates his impending "date" with his first wife, Carolyn, with who he has always had a special bond. Carolyn, however, has other things on her mind in wanting to reconnect with him.

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